Roberts Creek Waterfall

Who knew that Roberts Creek had a really pretty waterfall just a short 1/2 kilometre hike from the end of Day Road! Well...someone probably knew, but I didn't. I stumbled upon the Roberts Creek waterfall when I was hiking and gpsing the trails around Day Road up to Branch 04 of the Roberts Flume Forest Service Road.

This is, in my opinion, the prettiest falls I've come across on the Sunshine Coast - better than Langdale and Chapman for sure. Because of the short hike and easy access, it is also the easiest falls to get to.

Most of my hiking and biking routes are a minimum of 1 to 3 hours, but this is a short 15 minutes if you take the Day Rd. route below.

Roberts Creek Waterfall

Here's the easiest way to access the waterfall:

  1. Follow Hwy. 101 to the lights at Roberts Creek Road and turn left from Sechelt or right from Gibsons.
  2. Roberts Creek Road turns into Lockyer after a kilometre or so. Stay on Lockyer to Day Road.
  3. Turn right on Day Road and drive to the end and park.
  4. When you get out of the car the easiest route is to turn right if you're facing into the bush and follow the trail that parallels someone's fence. There is a sign that says the trail is private and no ATV's are allowed, but hikers, bikers, dogs and horses are.
  5. Stay on this trail and then take the first trail that heads off on the right.
  6. After a short way you will intersect with the main trail. Turn left and pass by two very small trails on the right and take the third trail on the right.
  7. This trail heads straight in and then immediately heads uphill and parallels the main trail for a bit. When you get to the top you'll start to see the waterfall on your right.
  8. The trail starts to head down and there are several great viewpoints.

The Roberts Creek waterfall actually has two parts, but the best view is of the top section. If you are agile and don't mind steep slopes you can make your way right down to the bottom of this part of the falls. There is a rocky area and shallow pool at the base here and then the creek carries on for a short distance and drops down again for the second tier of the falls. I imagine it is a popular spot on a hot summer day.

The Day Road route is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

Click here to download a larger pdf version of the map.

Roberts Creek Waterfall route

If you check out the map you can see that there are other ways to access Roberts Creek waterfall if you want a little more of a hike. I liked parking my car up on Branch 04 of the Roberts Flume Forest Service Road and then hiking down the first part of Shredder and then taking the first left down to the trailhead for the falls. This is probably about 1.5 kilometres each way.

Nick and the waterfall in the background.

Here's a photo of my dog Nick with the falls in the background.

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