Sunshine Coast Trails

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Sunshine Coast trails are located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Really! The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada is surrounded by ocean and covered with forests, mountains and lakes. This makes for some awesome scenery.

The area from Sechelt to Earl's Cove (called the Sechelt Peninsula) is almost an island, with just a narrow piece of land at Sechelt connecting it. The entire area is networked with 100's of trails and I’ve hiked, biked and mapped almost every one between Earl's Cove and Langdale. No matter whether you mountain bike or hike, you will find a trail to suit you.

If you would like to get a clearer picture of the lower Sunshine Coast, click here to view a map

I have always believed that getting outside and enjoying nature has made me healthier both mentally and physically, however now science is backing me up. If you want to lower your blood pressure, fight depression, reduce back stress and maybe even prevent cancer head outside and "forest bathe" as the Japanese call it in this fascinating article written by Florence Williams for Outside Magazine online.Very, very interesting.

Anyway, I hope you love and appreciate the Sunshine Coast, its trails and everything it has to offer as much as I do! 

View from the viewpoint above Ruby Lake on the Suncoaster TrailRuby Lake

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I began this site as a labour of love and in response to what I believed was a need to have one comprehensive website with detailed information about all trails on the Sunshine Coast.

So here it is several months later and I've had so much fun hiking, biking and gpsing nearly every trail on the Sunshine Coast. Along the way the site has gained some loyal followers and we would love to know your thoughts about this page, site and/or the Sunshine Coast...

So if you have a moment (and a Facebook account OR Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) please leave a comment in the box below.

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Trailmapps: Sunshine Coast

Would you like a hard copy of the information from this website?

I have created a paper map and two booklets:

Sunshine Coast Trail Map - a 17" X 22" water-resistant map of all the trails on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Trails - a compilation of all of the areas trail descriptions and maps.

Sunshine Coast Hikes and Bikes - some of my favourite routes.

Click here for more information.