Sunshine Coast Trails

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Sunshine Coast trails are located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Really! The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada is surrounded by ocean and covered with forests, mountains and lakes. This makes for some awesome scenery.

The area from Sechelt to Earl's Cove (called the Sechelt Peninsula) is almost an island, with just a narrow piece of land at Sechelt connecting it. The entire area is networked with 100's of trails and I’ve hiked, biked and mapped almost every one between Earl's Cove and Langdale. No matter whether you mountain bike or hike, you will find a trail to suit you.

If you would like to get a clearer picture of the lower Sunshine Coast, click here to view a map.

I have always believed that getting outside and enjoying nature has made me healthier both mentally and physically, however now science is backing me up. If you want to lower your blood pressure, fight depression, reduce back stress and maybe even prevent cancer head outside and "forest bathe" as the Japanese call it in this fascinating article written by Florence Williams for Outside Magazine online. Very, very interesting.

Anyway, I hope you love and appreciate the Sunshine Coast, its trails and everything it has to offer as much as I do!

View from the viewpoint above Ruby Lake on the Suncoaster Trail

Ruby Lake

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Air Travel to the Sunshine Coast
Air travel to the Sunshine Coast is available through three separate airlines that fly in and out of the Sunshine Coast.
Frequently Asked Questions
List of frequently asked questions and answers related to Sunshine Coast trails and maps.
Geocaching on the Sunshine Coast
Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. The lower Sunshine Coast is home to more than 250.
Travel to the Sunshine Coast
Travel to the Sunshine Coast is only by ferry or plane.
Kicks and Kisses for Sunshine Coast Trails
Have something to say about Sunshine Coast trails or related to them. Here's your opportunity!
News and Events for Sunshine Coast Trails
News and events related to the trails on the Sunshine Coast.
The Sunshine Coast
The Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer the outdoor enthusiast, particularly world class trails for mountain biking and hiking.
Sunshine Coast Trails Map
Sunshine Coast Trails Map store includes mobile apps, water-resistant paper maps and eBooks were created for those who want the information from the website in a format they are comfortable with.
What's Happening on Sunshine Coast Trails?
What's Happening on the Sunshine Coast Trails is designed to keep you up to date on new content added to this website plus interesting related information as I find it.
Sunshine Coast Hiking and Biking Routes
Favourite hiking and biking routes on the Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Earl's Cove.
Chapman Wilson Creeks Trails
Chapman Wilson Creeks trails are located between Roberts Creek and Sechelt, close to Hwy. 101.
Coast Gravity Park
Coast Gravity Park will formally open in the spring of 2015, but there will be special ride days starting early 2014.
Connor Park Trails
Connor Park has many mountain biking and hiking trails that connect to an extensive network of trails in the Halfmoon Bay area.
A listing with descriptions of many of the Gibsons trails that you may enjoy hiking or biking.
Halfmoon Bay Trails
Halfmoon Bay has some of the best trails on the Sunshine Coast and will suit all levels of hikers and mountain bikers.
Middlepoint Madeira Park Trails
Middlepoint Madeira Park trails are relatively unknown on the Sunshine Coast. Great trails with some beautiful scenery.
Pender Harbour Trails
Although not plentiful, Pender Harbour trails are some of the best on the lower Sunshine Coast.
Roberts Creek Trails
Roberts Creek trails are some of the most technical, stunt packed trails found anywhere. Amazing, world class riding and, because most are multi-use, great for hiking too!
Sechelt Trails
Sechelt trails are diverse and widespread and include some fantastic downhill and great connecting trails.
Sprockids Bike Park in Gibsons/Langdale
Sprockids Bike Park is a Sunshine Coast Regional District park. Built and maintained by the local and original Sprockids organization, it is a great network of mountain biking and hiking trails.
Suncoaster Trail
The Suncoaster Trail is the lower Sunshine Coast's continuation of the upper Sunshine Coast's (Saltery Bay to Lund) Sunshine Coast Trail.
Wakefield Creek Matrix Trails
Wakefield Creek Matrix (formerly known as West Sechelt trails) are ideally located between Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay and has some awesome trails.
Chapman Wilson Creeks Trail Maps
Chapman & Wilson Creeks trail map.
Cliff Gilker Trail Map
Cliff Gilker is located just off Hwy. 101 in Roberts Creek and has over 7 km of scenic, hiking only nature trails.
Dakota Ridge Winter Recreation Area
Dakota Ridge is the Sunshine Coast's winter recreation area.
Trail Map of Connor Park
Interactive map of the trails in Connor Park.
Gambier Island Trails
Gambier Island is part of the Sunshine Coast and can be reached by a short passenger only ferry from Langdale. There are several great trails for hiking.
Gibsons Trails
Gibsons trails are great for hiking and biking, with many located in the Sprockids Bike Park.
Halfmoon Bay Trail Map
Map of Halfmoon Bay trails radiating out from Connor Park.
Hidden Grove and Sechelt Heritage Forest Trail Map
Hidden Grove and the Heritage Forest trails are a unique combination of ancient giant trees, maple wetlands and rocky promontories. Legal off-leash area for your well-behaved doggies!
Homesite Creek Trails
Homesite Creek Trails - Secret Cove Recreation Site is a lovely spot to stop for a short hike and picnic. Just off the highway north of Brooks Rd. in Halfmoon Bay.
Homesite Crowston Map
Homesite Crowston is an area that encompasses Homesite Creek to nearby Crowston Lake and surrounding area.
Middlepoint to Madeira Park Trail Map
Middlepoint to Madeira Park trail map. Fantastic, relatively unknown trails between Middlepoint Rd. and Madeira Park.
Pender Harbour Trail Map
the Pender Harbour area is the most northern end of the lower Sunshine Coast. It has beautiful trails and many crystal clear lakes.
Roberts Creek East Map
The Roberts Creek East map shows all of the trails east of the B & K logging road., etc.
Roberts Creek West Map
Roberts Creek West is home to the popular Mach Chicken downhill trail among many others.
Sechelt Trails Map
Sechelt trails map.
Soames Hill Trails
Soames Hill aka Knob Hill is located just 5 minutes from the Langdale ferry terminal and downtown Gibsons. Beautiful views from the top.
Sprockids Trail Map
Sprockids trail map with over 14 km (8.4 mi) of trails with jumps, downhill, teeter-bars and ramps.
West Sechelt Trail Map - Wakefield Creek Matrix
Trail map showing all of the West Sechelt trails.
Doriston, Sunshine Coast, BC
Doriston is a small, boat access only community on the south shore of Sechelt Inlet about a 10 minute boat ride from Egmont.
Hotham Sound
Hotham Sound is a beautiful area to explore by boat or kayak. The area is somewhat protected and the water is considered to be some of the warmest in the area.
Princess Louisa Inlet
Princess Louisa Inlet is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I'm at a loss for words to describe it - well maybe not!
Best Swimming Lakes on the Sunshine Coast
We are very fortunate on the Sunshine Coast to have some wonderful swimming lakes. In my opinion, they can’t be beat! Here are some of my old and new favourites.
A Little Bit About Me
A little bit about me so that you know who is building this website.
Contact Form - Sunshine Coast Trails
Contact form for Sunshine Coast Trails
Disclaimer for
Disclaimer for
Privacy Policy
Privacy policy for
Trail Rating Guide
Description of criteria and system used for trail rating on the Sunshine Coast trails.
Carlson Lake Hiking & Biking Route
Carlson Lake is a beautiful lake located approximately 3.2 kms from the Halfmoon Bay Carlson and Carlson Lake FSR junction.

New! Comments

I began this site as a labour of love and in response to what I believed was a need to have one comprehensive website with detailed information about all trails on the Sunshine Coast.

So here it is several months later and I've had so much fun hiking, biking and gpsing nearly every trail on the Sunshine Coast. Along the way the site has gained some loyal followers and we would love to know your thoughts about this page, site and/or the Sunshine Coast...

So if you have a moment (and a Facebook account OR Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) please leave a comment in the box below.

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Trailmapps: Sunshine Coast

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I have created a paper map and two booklets:

Sunshine Coast Trail Map - a 17" X 22" water-resistant map of all the trails on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Trails - a compilation of all of the areas trail descriptions and maps.

Sunshine Coast Hikes and Bikes - some of my favourite routes.

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