Homesite Creek Trails and Falls

The Homesite Creek Trails/Recreation area is on the water or lower side of Hwy. 101. It has parking right at the trail head and is well signed as well.

Homesite Creek waterfall by Allen Van Velzen

Photo courtesy of Allen Van Velzen

There are two main trails - one to the right and one to the left. The one on the right is about 2 kms long and takes you to the Homesite Waterfall.

The trail that goes in to the left takes you down past the creek and then can be taken all the way out to Brooks Rd. This is also a couple kilometres long.

I don't think I've ever seen bikes on these trails, but they aren't restricted. However, it is more of a hiking rather than biking area.

Access is on the left off of Hwy. 101 approimately 3 kms from the north end of Redrooffs Rd.

Click on the map below if you want to open a pdf version with higher resolution.

Homesite Creek Trails map

Homesite Caves

For those of you interested in the Homesite Caves, these are located about 2 kms from the Homesite Creek Recreation Site and are on the opposite side of the highway.

To view the BC Timber Sales logging plans for the Homesite Creek area (above Hwy 101) click here.

If you wish to access them:

  1. Turn onto the Homesite Creek Forest Service Road which is just past the Rec Site if you are coming from Sechelt or just before if from the Pender area.
  2. Follow the road just past the powerlines and you'll see an area where several cars can park on your left.
  3. The trail entrance to the Homesite Caves is on your right.

There are a couple kilometres of trails here that take you past some sink holes/caves and then down to the creek. If you keep going the trail will go through the campsite and back out on the logging road just above where you entered. The last time I was in here (Spring 2011) there was a lot of deadfall and it didn't look like anyone was doing much to maintain the trails, however this may have changed since then.

If you want to a clearer picture of where it is, click here to see a map.

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