Connor Park Trail Map

Connor Park is a popular community park with a grass sports field, playground, nice, new washrooms, covered picnic tables, bike skills area and a number of short forest trails that are a mixture of beginner and intermediate levels for mountain bikers. It is the perfect spot to come if you are just learning to ride.

Easy hiking in this area with fairly gentle climbs and trails that stay relatively puddle free, even after heavy rains.

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School DazeMidwaySprockids RunSprockids RunSprockids RunConnor ConnectorCan-CanIn & OutOut & InPick It UpUnnamed trails below playing fieldsSquigglyRollercoasterDatsun AlleyLittle KnivesPterodactylAccess trail from Northwood Rd.Water Tower Road aka Fullerton Rd.Map of Connor Park trails

  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash at all times and use waste bags
  • Bears and other wildlife are known to frequent the park, so please be bear aware
  • Unmarked hazards may exist in parks and on trails
  • Trail conditions vary and can be affected by wind and other weather conditions
  • Fires are not permitted

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Photo of Can-Can sign at entrance off Sprockids Run