West Sechelt Trails - Wakefield Creek Matrix

West Sechelt has a wonderful network of hiking and biking trails aka Wakefield Creek Matrix, and almost all of which are easy to access from either the Big Tree parking lot area or from the Gowland/Reeves Rd. area off Norwest Bay Rd. There is an outhouse and picnic table down the Big Tree trail. This Regional District park is home to some of the largest old growth fir trees left on the Sunshine Coast.

It is ideally located between Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay. I say ideally because if you are staying in Sechelt or live in that area, you can make a great day of riding or hiking all the way between Sechelt and into Halfmoon Bay.

Seastone at Sandy Hook is a beautiful accommodation located in the Sandy Hook area. After a day of hiking or biking I can't think of a place I'd rather come back to.

If you'd rather hop in your car, you can drive to Big Fir (Tree) and park and ride or hike from there. There are a number of beautiful trails to explore and as noted above you can link into the Halfmoon Bay trails from there as well if you are up for a longer ride.

For example, you could start in Big Tree, head through the Big Tree Recreation area, up Skullduggery, Easy Street and Brat. Then down the Telus Road to the Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Road, turn left and follow it 3 or 4 kilometers to Cabin Fever and Millipede in Halfmoon Bay. Then you could follow the forest service road all the way back to Big Tree if you didn't want to ride the trails back. Once I get all of the trails on the website I'll put in some great hikes and bikes of various lengths, combining a number of trails and logging roads.

Many people believe that the W. Sechelt trails are actually in Halfmoon Bay because the main access road to the Big Tree parking area is in Halfmoon Bay. However, when you get on the Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Road it takes you back eastward so officially these trails are considered West Sechelt trails.

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Map of West Sechelt trails

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  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash at all times and use waste bags
  • Bears and other wildlife are known to frequent the park, so please be bear aware
  • Unmarked hazards may exist in parks and on trails
  • Trail conditions vary and can be affected by wind and other weather conditions
  • Fires are not permitted

Outside of the park area there is no regulation requiring dogs to be on leash, but please keep them under your control at all times.

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