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Jan 13, 2020


Kisses galore for the person who found my Visa card and returned it to RBC.

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Jan 09, 2019


As an Alberta visitor in the Halfmoon bay area, I find that most of the trails are gloomy and dull. I've done most of them now that are bounded by

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Aug 09, 2017


Thank you to the BC Hydro crew that responded so quickly to our power outage just prior to dinner time on the holiday Monday. The Community of Granthams

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Jun 15, 2017


Kicks to some of the rude neighbor's on Hillcrest who do not securely put their trash out on garbage day. We are sick of picking up your crap that the

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Sep 01, 2016


Kicks to the woman with the 3 Husky dogs who let them poop on Smuggler Cove trail and didn't pick it up.

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Sep 07, 2015


Kicks to the idiots who think playing war games with live amo is a good idea! Who in their right mind thinks this is fun?and leaving your spent brass and

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Jun 04, 2015


Kicks to the incompetent gun owners who have fired their rifles across a mainline road uphill! This has happened twice in the last month (May 2015) while

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Feb 22, 2015


Our forests and trails are a thing of natural beauty and wonder. I expect anyone making the effort to get all the way up to Big Fir would feel the same

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Jan 16, 2015

Sprockids Trail Map

Sprockids trail map with over 14 km (8.4 mi) of trails with jumps, downhill, teeter-bars and ramps.

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Jan 09, 2015


A listing with descriptions of many of the Gibsons trails that you may enjoy hiking or biking.

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Jan 09, 2015

Gibsons Trails

Gibsons trails are great for hiking and biking, with many located in the Sprockids Bike Park.

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Jun 30, 2014

Salmon Hatchery Hike Over Sakinaw Lake

Take Lee Road a couple kms (you will pass the trailhead for Pender Hill on your right as you go) and then left onto Milne Road. Park at the end before

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Jun 29, 2014

Bogey, Pender Harbour

Super fun hill climb with a few awesome descents. Head up Bogey to the top of close encounters drop down this super flowy trail and cross the sun coaster

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Nov 09, 2013

Coast Gravity Park

Coast Gravity Park will formally open in the spring of 2015, but there will be special ride days starting early 2014.

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Jul 23, 2013

Hotham Sound

Hotham Sound is a beautiful area to explore by boat or kayak. The area is somewhat protected and the water is considered to be some of the warmest in the area.

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