Middlepoint Madeira Park Trails

Middlepoint Madeira Park is an area that is about 15 minutes northwest of Halfmoon Bay. I love these trails! I'm surprised that more people haven't discovered them, but I'm not complaining. It's great that you can go out on these trails and rarely run into anyone.

This area is beautiful! Some of the views - particularly over on AC/DC, Rocky Mountain Luge and Highway to Hell - are breathtaking.

Once again we really need to thank the local bikers for putting in so much of their time building fantastic trails. Without these trail builders we would have just a fraction of the trails.

Generally the trails in Middlepoint Madeira Park are cross-country other than Rocky Mountain Luge which is very gnarly downhill.

AC Canyon sign

Below is a list of Middlepoint Madeira Park trails. Please keep in mind that most of these trails would be hiked or ridden in combination with others and don't generally stand alone. Occasionally I've put in suggestions on trails to combine. Check out the map to see how they all weave together.

AC Canyon (AC/DC)

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

AC Canyon has two parts - the first starts at the logging road spur and continues to the powerlines. The second begins on the other side of the lines and takes you down to the bridge over Anderson Creek and then back up to the powerlines. Nice single track trail with some great views. One of the nicest trails in the Middlepoint Madeira Park area.

Check out the AC Canyon route page for more information.

Cardiac Hill

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

This trail is an old, rocky road that is quite steep. You can access it off the end of Middlepoint Forest Service Road and then ride it down. Hikers can do the climb either way with access off Lazy Boy.

Copper Head

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

Copper Head trail connects over to Old Pole Road and over to McNeill Lake. Relatively easy trail for riding with very little hill.

Dry Feet

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Dry Feet is a short trail that was specifically built to get you over McNeill Creek without getting wet and it does! Connects McNeill Lake Forest Service Road over to the access road to McNeill Lake.

Elk Trail

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Single track trail that enters off the Suncoaster Trail and joins spur road at the end of Lazy Boy.

Highway to Hell

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

One of the more challenging trails in the Middlepoint Madeira Park area, it cuts in off the powerlines and takes you over to the access road to AC Canyon. A good chunk of the trail has been logged out and rebuilt - dusty, dirty ride through this piece. Quite steep in places.

Lazy Boy

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

The portion of this trail that is accessed from Old Pole Road and connects up to the powerlines up to the beginning of Cardiac Hill is quite easy. When you make the hard right the trail becomes a little more challenging. You end up out at Middlepoint Forest Service Road.

Old Pole Road

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

This trail is a fairly long single track that is really pretty at the end bit just before it comes out to Lazy Boy. It follows the creek here and it invites me to stop and wade.

Rocky Mountain Luge

Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced)

In my opinion this is the most challenging of all the trail in the Middlepoint Madeira Park area. It's long, steep and rocky. Some of the trail looks like a riverbed with drops and big rocks, etc. Way too rough and scary for me, but I'm a chicken.

Great workout going up and you could organize a shuttle - leave a car on the Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Road and down on Menacher if you want to save some time and energy or just want to do the ride down.

Scary Hill Bypass

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

This trail takes you over to Highway to Hell and avoids a whole lot of hill. Nice single track up to the powerlines.

Suncoaster Trail

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

This Middlepoint Madeira Park section of the Suncoaster is quite easy. It follows the powerline for a couple kilometres then cuts down through the forest to the McNeill Lake Forest Service Road and out Menacher Rd. to the Hwy. The piece along the powerline has some ups and downs and rocky areas, but that's as hard as it gets.

Click here to see a close up of the Suncoaster trail through this area.

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