Kicks and Kisses

I thought it might be fun to give visitors to this site an opportunity to leave a comment, good (kiss) or bad (kick), related to the trails on the Sunshine Coast. I'm going to start things off with a Kiss (see below). Please share yours!

Share Your Opinion

Something good or bad to say related to the trails here on the Sunshine Coast? Share it here!

You can also comment on other people's kicks & kisses and I would encourage you to do that too!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Kicks to the person who keeps ripping apart my garbage, spreading it all over my yard, and biting chunks out of my plastic garbage bin!

Kisses to all the great riders i meet on my rides on the Coast- such a great community of riders who love to be out on the trails. Thanks for the great …

To those people who think it's a good idea to target practice with high powered rifles down a road!! 2 times in the last 5 years I have come across someone …

Kisses to all of the trail building elves who spend countless hours of their own time building and maintaining all of the trails on the Sunshine Coast. …

Kiss Not rated yet
Kisses galore for the person who found my Visa card and returned it to RBC.

Kiss Not rated yet
Thank you to the BC Hydro crew that responded so quickly to our power outage just prior to dinner time on the holiday Monday. The Community of Granthams …

Kick Not rated yet
Kicks to some of the rude neighbor's on Hillcrest who do not securely put their trash out on garbage day. We are sick of picking up your crap that the …

Kick Not rated yet
Kicks to the woman with the 3 Husky dogs who let them poop on Smuggler Cove trail and didn't pick it up.

Kick Not rated yet
Kicks to the idiots who think playing war games with live amo is a good idea! Who in their right mind thinks this is fun?and leaving your spent brass and …

kicks Not rated yet
Kicks to the incompetent gun owners who have fired their rifles across a mainline road uphill! This has happened twice in the last month (May 2015) while …

Kick Not rated yet
Our forests and trails are a thing of natural beauty and wonder. I expect anyone making the effort to get all the way up to Big Fir would feel the same …

Kisses Not rated yet
Kisses to the geocachers and your 'Cache In-Trash Out' policy, picking up other people's garbage. Our Sunshine Coast trail users thank you!

kisses Not rated yet
to the people who cleaned back the sword ferns on the Desoto Ridge trail. They look nice but they really hurt when you're doing 30km/h wearing shorts! …

Kicks!!! Not rated yet
Kicks to all those ignorant people who think our wilderness areas are dumping grounds for their garbage. It's disgusting the amount of garbage that ends …

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