Sechelt Trails

Sechelt trails are diverse and widespread. In the Porpoise Bay area you will find the Hidden Grove and Heritage Forest trails as well as a fantastic downhill trail called Huigis, among others.

Up above Sechelt off of the powerlines there are numerous trails that connect West Sechelt to Sechelt and Sechelt to the Shores. Many have no names (at least none that I'm aware of) but most are great hiking or biking trails.

Many trails offer beautiful vistas.

View from Huigis viewpoint

Below is a list of Sechelt trails that have names. Please keep in mind that most of these trails would be hiked or ridden in combination with others and don't generally stand alone. Check out the map to see how they all weave together. Click on each one to go to the map:


Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

BLT is a fairly new (fall 2010) trail that was built for the BC Bike Race. It connects from just past the Sechelt Landfill over to Chapman Creek Falls. You will see a gated dirt road just past the Landfill. Turn right onto this road, through the gate and then you will see the trail on the right after about 1/2 km.


Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced - Triple Black Diamond)

Duggies is basically a continuation of Huigis that carries on up the mountain. It enters about 50 metres southeast of the end point of Huigis. Even steeper, this trail is impossible to ride up and quite difficult to even hike up. There is a dirt road that riders often hike their bikes up that will take you to the top to ride down, but this is an extreme triple black diamond trail and is very dangerous. Not for the faint of heart!

Fern Gully

Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced)   

Fern Gully has two parts, both of which loop off Huigis. The uppermost section has some very nice technical features and has had some recent work. Last time I was on the lower section there had been some blow down and it was not very accessible for bikes or hikers.

Heritage Trail

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

This is a very easy (one of the easiest of the Sechelt trails) gravel, urban type trail that connects West Sechelt to Heritage Road and the Shores. It runs behind the Sechelt Golf Course and Kinnikinnick Park with an access trail about half way along that will get you through to the Park and Golf Course.


Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced)

This is a very steep trail that enters across from the entrance to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. Pretty much impossible to ride up, but avid downhillers love to bike down it. Beautiful viewpoint about half way up.

Jekyll & Hyde (in disrepair)

Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced)

This upper section of Jekyll & Hyde is in disrepair and not passable by bike. I hiked part of it, but found it too difficult due to the need for work. At some point it may be brought back to useable shape.

Jekyll & Hyde Extension

Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced)

This is a pretty trail that can be accessed off the Sechelt Crucil Forest Service Road. The FSR branches about 1.5 kms past the Landfill and just past this branch a spur road goes off to the right. Follow this up about a kilometre until you see another spur road off to the left. Follow this along and it will turn into single track. This trail has a few trees down and is a little grown over in spots (December 2011).

Kinnikinnick Park Trails

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

Close to downtown Sechelt and directly across the street from the Sechelt Golf Course, Kinnikinnick Park is a beautiful area for a hike or a bike ride. The trails wind through the forest and are colour coded to make finding your way easy. There are signs with maps at several of the entrances to the trails.

There are several access points to the park trails. There are three off of Ripple Way, two off Heritage Rd. in the Shores area and three off Lighthouse Ave. There is also access to the Heritage Trail from the end of Ripple Way and this will allow you to link into many of the Sechelt trails off the power lines or over to the West Sechelt trails and Big Tree.

Other amenities at the park include two soccer fields, four baseball diamonds, washrooms, picnic tables, a playground and there is an off leash dog park!

Kinnikinnick Park makes a fantastic destination for a family picnic and fun day playing and riding or walking the trails!

You can find a link to a park map here.

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