Halfmoon Bay Trails

Halfmoon Bay is about 10 minutes northwest of Sechelt and much of it can be reached by the uniquely named Redrooffs Rd. There are several parks including four provincial parks - Sargeant Bay, Smuggler's Cove and Simson and Buccaneer Bay on Thormanby Island (which is considered part of Halfmoon Bay) and two Regional District Parks - Coopers Green and Connor Park. Although not a park, Trout Lake is another great place to visit, especially in the summer when you can cool off with a nice swim.

With only about 2800 residents, most of the area is wilderness and perfect for your adventures. It is an awesome place to visit and spend some time exploring the local trails. Because this small community is home to many mountain bikers who have spent 100's of hours building and maintaining many of the local trails, a network of trails has evolved that will meet the needs of any hiker or biker.

As is the case with nearly all of the Sunshine Coast trails, these are considered multi-use (except the Triangle Lake trail which is exclusively for hikers). On a sunny day you may come across hikers, runners, bikers, horses and sometimes, on certain trails, even ATV's. Many of the locals walk or ride with their dogs as well. It's wise to be careful when out and about and watch out for other users.

Two mountain bikers on Woodpecker trail

Below is a list of Halfmoon Bay trails. Please keep in mind that most of these trails would be hiked or ridden in combination with others and don't generally stand alone. Occasionally I've put in suggestions on trails to combine. Check out the map to see how they all weave together. Halfmoon Bay has awesome trails!

7.1 Triangle Lake

Hiking only - no biking on this trail

This trail is one of the only trails in Halfmoon Bay that is specifically for hiking only and has signs to that effect. It runs from Redrooffs Rd. at Sargeant Bay up to Triangle Lake where there is a lookout spot and bench.

If you take the right side trail you will follow along Colvin Creek. Stay right and head away from the creek and uphill. Keep right all the way up as there are several trails that connect in on the left from Little Knives. Part way up there is a nice lookout spot that allows you to look down into the valley.

This trail is a good uphill hike to the top and a bit of a workout. One of the more strenuous Halfmoon Bay hikes. However that means the way back is mostly downhill!

I have a specific "hike" about Triangle Lake and the circle trail with maps and more description. Click here if you'd like to go to that page

7.1.1 Leaning Tree Connector Trail 1

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

This trail connects from the bottom of Raven's Cry Rd. in Leaning Tree to Triangle Lake trail near Colvin Creek, fairly close to Redrooffs. Follows a little creek for most of the way and is quite a steep climb up to Leaning Tree. Pretty much impossible to ride up, but downhill riders would likely enjoy the ride down. Keep in mind though that Triangle Lake trail is hiking only.

7.1.2 Leaning Tree Connector Trail 2

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Connects from Leaning Tree Rd. into the upper portion of Triangle Lake trail. This is a tough trail to ride and when you get to Triangle, remember no biking on this trail. However, this trail brings you out to one of the connecting trails over to Little Knives and from there on you can ride to your hearts content.

7.1.3 Triangle Lake Loop Trail

These two trails combine with a small chunk of Little Knives to create a loop around Triangle Lake. As extensions to Triangle Lake trail I believe these are also hiking only. These combine with Triangle Lake trail to make a great 2 hour hike. Really nice Halfmoon Bay trails with some nice viewpoints of the lake.

7.1.4 Sargeant Bay Trail

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

This trail takes you up to a connecting trail over to Triangle Lake trail and if you keep to the left you will come to the entrance to Rollercoaster. If you keep going straight up it will take you out to the bottom of Northwood. Easy riding trail that climbs a bit.

7.2 Roller Coaster

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

Rollercoaster is a fun Halfmoon Bay trail that connects you from the trail up from Sargeant Bay to Datsun Alley or Little Knives. It is uphill from the Redrooffs end, but not too steep. It is most fun to ride down. You can really get going and the reason it is called Rollercoaster is because of the rolling hills. Just watch out for other users on this trail as it is one of the main "highways" into the Halfmoon Bay trail system.

In the forested area between Rollercoaster and Northwood Rd. there are several trails that you can get into off of Rollercoaster as well. These are also easy trails and this is a great area for someone who is just learning to mountain bike. A little bit of hill and a few small rooty areas.

7.2.1 Northwood Trails

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

This is a little nest of trails that are between Northwood Rd. and Rollercoaster trail. These are great trails for beginners or less adventurous riders. They are pretty easy, but there's just enough hill and technical stuff to keep them interesting for us less adventurous souls.

7.3 Squiggly

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Squiggly is a short trail that takes you from School Daze and Midway to Rollercoaster if you are coming down from the Halfmoon Bay School or vice versa if you are coming up from Rollercoaster. If you are going down it I would rate this more as an easy trail. Coming up is slightly more difficult which is why it ended up with the More Difficult rating.

7.4 Datsun Alley

Trail Rating for Bikers: Easy (Beginner)

Datsun Alley is one of the main trail "highways" through Halfmoon Bay. It is an easy trail for riding with just a couple of loose, rocky areas to navigate. Otherwise it is wide and fairly smooth.

Several trails join Datsun Alley. Rollercoaster which brings you up from the Sargeant Bay area ends at Datsun Alley as does Little Knives, which links you to several other trails and takes you up to Trout Lake. Pick It up, which starts at Connor Park connects to it as does Pterodactyl and Woodpecker.

Datsun Alley ends at Gord's Grunt which will take you down to Redrooffs just past Cooper's Green or up to Hwy. 101 at the old pump house.

A nice, fairly easy ride for beginners is to park down at Redrooffs where the trail starts for Triangle Lake and ride straight up the trail from there. Take the third right which puts you on Rollercoaster. Follow Rollercoaster up and past the pond keeping left until you come to the end. At this point you have to turn left or right and there is a sign post with arrows to Trout Lake, Cooper's Green, etc. Go left here heading towards Cooper's Green until Datsun Alley ends at Gord's Grunt. Turn right to head up Gord's Grunt towards the Highway, but take the first right you come to. This will be Woodpecker. Stay on Woodpecker (don't exit onto Fork Off) and you will come back out to Datsun Alley. Go left back towards Sargeant Bay and take the third right back onto Rollercoaster, then left back down to your car. The hardest part of this ride is Woodpecker and although rated as More Difficult (Intermediate) it is probably one of the easier in that category. This ride will probably take you between 1 and 2 hours depending on your skill and fitness level.

7.5 Little Knives

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Little Knives is another main "highway" through the Halfmoon Bay trail system. It connects you from the Datsun Alley/Rollercoaster trails to the Triangle Lake trails (there are actually five exit trails you can take to get over to the Triangle Lake trail from Little Knives) as well as Barrel 'o Frogs, the Missing Link and out to Hwy. 101 at Trout Lake. If you are on your bike don't take any of the exit trails on your right over to the Triangle Lake trail as this trail is for hikers only.

Little Knives is a bit challenging as there is a loose, rocky climb about 5 minutes past where Little Knives begins off of Datsun Alley. This is probably the most challenging area of the trail and will likely take you between 10 and 20 minutes to get up, depending on how much you have to push your bike. There are also a couple of other rocky spots and a couple of really rooty areas with one more fairly substantial hill (no loose rock on this one). Once you get up that last hill it is pretty smooth sailing out to Hwy. 101 or to the entrance to the Missing Link trail.

7.6 Pterodactyl

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Pterodactyl is a challenging Halfmoon Bay trail with lots of twists and turns, rooty areas, a few ramps and boardwalks and rocks, etc. Also after a rain there are a few thick, muddy areas. It can be reached via In & Out or Datsun Alley depending on where you are coming from.

A nice ride or walk that includes this trail is to enter from Connor Park on Pick It Up, take the first left on Out & In and follow it to the water tower road. Go right and then straight back in on the right to In & Out. Take the first left - which isn't very far in from the road - onto Pterodactyl. Follow along til you get to the end which will take you to Datsun Alley. Turn right downhill for about 1 km and take the first right which will take you back up Pick It Up to Connor Park. If you are walking this is about a 45 to 60 minute walk and if you are riding it will likely take you about 1/2 hour or less (again always depending on your skill and fitness level).

7.7 Woodpecker

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Woodpecker is one of my favourite trails in Halfmoon Bay for mountain biking (and walking for that matter). It is the perfect level of difficulty for me because it is challenging, but not impossible. Every time I ride it I try to ride it "clean" Which for me means not having to put my foot down. It can be accessed via Datsun Alley, off of Gord's Grunt or from Missing Link via Fork Off. Norm also joins Woodpecker around the mid-point which takes you over to Barrel 'o Frogs.

There is a rocky uphill climb at the start of the trail off of Datsun Alley, then a rooty area, a couple of rocky downhill sections and it ends with a smooth section of trail out to Gord's Grunt.

A nice hour ride (1.5 hour hike) is to combine Woodpecker with trails like Pick It Up, Datsun Alley and Gord's Grunt and maybe even throw in Pterodactyl on your way back or on your way in if you need a little more difficulty. However, this will make your ride or hike longer.

7.8 Norm

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Norm is a trail that connects between Woodpecker and Barrel'o'Frogs. I find this trail quite a challenge to ride, so I don't:-) It's a lovely hike though. There is quite a lot of up and down, roots, rocks, bridges, etc. which makes it fairly technical. One of the harder trails to ride in Halfmoon Bay.

7.9 Fork Off

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Fork Off is a short, fairly challenging trail that joins Woodpecker and the Missing Link. If you are planning to go Woodpecker to Gord's Grunt and then up to the Missing Link, if you cut across at Fork Off instead it will cut off the rocky hill climb at Gord's Grunt.

7.10 Barrel'O'Frogs

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Barrel'o'Frogs runs between Little Knives and Missing Link and is probably about a kilometre long. A fairly challenging trail to ride, but makes a great route if you decide you don't want to do the longer loop of Little Knives to Missing Link.

7.11 Missing Link

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Missing Link is a fairly long and difficult Halfmoon Bay trail. It can be directly accessed via a number of trails including Little Knives, Barrel 'o Frogs, Gord's Grunt, Fork Off and Riley Falls. The first hill coming up from Gord's Grunt or Fork Off is a killer. It's fairly steep and rocky. There are other rocky areas as well as lots of roots and sharp corners here and there.

For a longer ride it's nice to combine this trail with Little Knives, Gord's Grunt, Datsun Alley and then out to Connor Park.

7.12 Gord's Grunt

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Gord's Grunt is a fun trail full of moderately difficult natural technical features for riders and is another of my favourite Halfmoon Bay trails. There's a rocky hill, roots, rocks,and a few tight turns. It reminds me a bit of Woodpecker with some challenge, but totally rideable.

Several trails connect with Gord's Grunt - Slowpoke, Datsun Alley, Woodpecker, Missing Link, Wally, and Leave It to Beaver. Also where Gord's Grunt ends (at the exit out to Hwy. 101) Pump It Up begins.

7.13 Slowpoke

Trail Rating for Bikers: Most Difficult (Advanced)

This trail is very steep in places with very rough spots, drops and sheer rock near the end. Pretty much impossible to ride up, but a real fun ride down. Not for the faint of heart (that would be me!) It's even a bit challenging for the hiker at times. One of the most difficult of the Halfmoon Bay trails.

7.14 Pump It Up

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

As mentioned above, Pump It Up continues from where Gord's Grunt ends. It also continues with very similar types of technical riding. There is a rooty section which changes to a rocky, wet and then muddy section. Once past this area it smooths out and heads downhill to come out on Gord's Grunt again.

7.15 Leave It to Beaver

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

This trail comes in off of Gord's Grunt or Hwy. 101 across from Tin Pan Alley. It kind of meanders along more or less parallel to the highway with lots of little ups and downs, sharp corners, roots, etc. June, Wally, A-Side and Riley Falls all connect to this trail.

7.16 Wally

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Wally connects at Gord's Grunt and Leave It to Beaver. About a 1/2 kilometre long, it has a very wet area close to where it comes in off Gord's Grunt that is awkward to get through. Last time I was up there I noticed a new trail that takes off to the right and joins Gord's Grunt a little further along. Good way to avoid the water and mud.

7.17 June

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

June is a short trail that shortcuts between Leave It to Beaver and Wally.

7.18 Riley Falls

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Riley Falls is a little bit more difficult trail. There is a fair climb when you enter off Leave It to Beaver, quite a rooty area and a wet, muddy section as well. It joins up with the Missing Link. Most bikers will probably have more fun riding it from Missing Link to Leave It to Beaver.

7.19 A-Side

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

The A-Side trail is a continuation of the B-Side and an entrance into the south side Halfmoon Bay trails. This appears to be a fairly new trail and doesn't yet have a proper bridge or way over the creek that runs across it. However someone has thrown a couple of skinny logs down that you can walk across and there are also a couple of old thik logs that you can get across on. This trail joins Leave It to Beaver and Hwy. 101.

7.20 B-Side

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

B-Side is a fairly short trail that lets you leave Lumpy and connect out to Hwy. 101. At that point you can cross over and into A-Side if you want to get onto the south side Halfmoon Bay trails.

7.21 Tin Pan Alley

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Tin Pan Alley (so named for the pan you will see nailed to a tree) has an entrance off Trout Lake Road closest to the actual Lake and is a north side Halfmoon Bay trail. When you enter Trout Lake Road you will see a pull out on the right where a couple of cars can park. Right across the road from there is the entrance. This trail is quite short and can either take you out to Hwy. 101 where you can cross over and into Leave It to Beaver or turns into the trail Lumpy.

7.22 Lumpy

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Lumpy is a continuation of Tin Pan Alley. It has an exit out to Hwy. 101 across from the Pump House where you can access the south side Halfmoon Bay trails at the Gord's Grunt and Pump It Up junction. Also turns into Gravy if you want to carry on downhill.

7.23 Gravy

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Gravy is a continuation of Lumpy (who comes up with these names :-) If you follow it down to the end it comes out onto a piece of the old highway which comes out to the end of Armstrong Road. If you follow Armstrong Road down to where it turns left to the highway you will see a trail which continues down and comes out just above the other end of Trout Lake Road. You can either cross over and get down to Redrooffs Rd. from here or head up Trout Lake Rd. if you want to loop back around.

´╗┐7.24 Cabin Fever´╗┐

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Cabin Fever is not in the area of Halfmoon Bay that interconnects with Connor Park, but rather over in the Secret Cove area. Here's how to get there:

  1. You can access the Cabin Fever trailhead by taking Hwy. 101 from Sechelt about 13 kms to the Homesite Creek Forest Service Road.
  2. Turn right onto the road and follow it approx. 3.2 kms. You will come to an area on the right where two or three cars can park. It is about .2 km from the 3 km marker.
  3. If you are parked facing the trees, the trail head is right in front and a bit to the right of your car.

Follow the trail as it climbs through a beautifully treed area and crosses three streams. There are roots, rocks, bridges and an area where the trail switchbacks. It takes about 20 min. to a half hour to cover the 1.5 kms.

At the top, you come out onto a branch of the Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Road. At this point, you can turn left and head over to Millipede to do a loop (see my Cabin Fever/Millipede route  under Hikes & Bikes) or just turn around and head back the way you came.

7.25 Millipede

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Millipede is also not in the area of Halfmoon Bay that interconnects with Connor Park, but rather over in the Secret Cove area right near Cabin Fever (above). Here's how to get there:

  1. You can access the Millipede trailhead by taking Hwy. 101 from Sechelt about 13 kms to the Homesite Creek Forest Service Road.
  2. Turn right onto the road and follow it approx. 4 kms. You will see a 4 km marker on a tree and the trailhead is almost directly across from it.
  3. You can also access this trail from the top of Cabin Fever. See the Cabin Fever/Millipede route for more directions.

Parts of Millipede are very, very wet for most of the year. There is mud and a wide, fairly deep creek that flows across one part of the trail. The trail itself has four distinct parts (thus the name Millipede). A great ride and some nice downhill.

7.26 Elevator

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Elevator is located off the Halfmoon Bay Carlson Forest Service Road via a short spur road (second one on the right after the intersection of Halfmoon Carlson FSR and Crowston branch after the 2 km marker). Cuts up through a clearcut area that is beginning to green up. Comes out to another forest service branch.

7.27 Escalator

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

Escalator is in the vicinity of Elevator (probably will always ride one with the other). It is a beautiful, loamy, newer trail that roams through a forested area, crosses a forest service branch and back into the forest again. Pops out onto another road and a right turn takes you down to the Crowston branch of the Halfmoon Carlson FSR.

7.28 Truman Road Loop

Hiking only trail!

This trail can be accessed off the Curran trail which enters off Brooks Rd. across from where you exit from the Homesite Creek Recreation Area. The Curran trail unfortunately does not connect to Curran Rd. as it comes to an end at private property. However, the Truman Loop can be accessed from it and this is a lovely trail that offers some beautiful mossy rocks and glimpses of the ocean through the trees. It is only a hiking trail. No biking allowed! One of Halfmoon Bay's best kept secrets - just be sure to head back out the way you came in and don't trespass on the private property.

7.29 RPM

Trail Rating for Bikers: More Difficult (Intermediate)

RPM is the newest trail in Halfmoon Bay. It's still soft and spongy, but then what's so wrong with that! It can be found just northwest of the B-Side on Lumpy. This is the high side of the highway. The first half follows an old logging road so it is wide and the second half goes to single track and becomes a little more difficult. You pop out onto the right away for the gas line/powerlines. Turn right and follow the rough track over to Trout Lake Road.

View of Trout Lake in Halfmoon Bay from the HighwayTrout Lake in Halfmoon Bay is a great place to come for a cool dip after biking or hiking on a hot summer day.

If you have any questions about Halfmoon Bay trails or you just want to share something about these trails, please contact me.

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