Bachelor Lake Hiking Route

Bachelor Lake is just one of many lakes in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park and has one of four cabins built and maintained by the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club. It is also one of the closest to hike into (snowshoe or ski in the winter) at about 2.5 km each way.

The Tetrahedron Provincial Park is located within the traditional territories of the Squamish and Sechelt First Nations. It is also the community watershed for the area and contains the headwaters for Chapman and Gray Creeks. As such, there are a lot of rules to follow:

  • All mechanized access, including mountain bikes and snowmobiles, is prohibited.
  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Domestic animals are prohibited.
  • Open fires are prohibited.
  • Use the outhouses for all human excrement.
  • Pack out all garbage.
  • Camp only at designated cabins.
  • Wash dishes only in the cabins.
  • Dump all grey water in outhouses.
  • No swimming or bathing in streams or lakes within the park.
  • Only use the wood stove when absolutely necessary.
  • Be self-sufficient and carry a fuel burning stove for cooking.

Bachelor Lake

The four cabins are located at Bachelor Lake, Edwards Lake, McNair Lake and near the foot of Mt. Steele. They accommodate up to 12 people and are available on a first come, first served basis. There is a fee of $10 per night which can be paid in a few different ways:

  • mailing payment in one of the envelopes provided in the cabins or at the parking lot
  • paying in person at the Shell Station in Wilson Creek (at Field Road near the IGA)
  • using the PayPal donation button on the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club Payment page.

View of the lake through the trees from the front deck of the cabin.

View of the lake from the front cabin of the cabin.

Here is a link to a great article by writer Larry Pynn that appeared in British Columbia Magazine, Winter 2010. It is a large pdf file so takes a bit of time to open. It has beautiful photos and great descriptions of the trip in to Edwards Lake and Mount Steele cabins.

Access to the trail is via the Sechelt Gray Forest Service Road. I used a truck with 4WD, but there were cars at the top when we got there. I wouldn't take my car up the road as it is quite rough. In winter you will require winter tires and 4WD.

  • Follow Sechelt Inlet Road for approximately 10 kms to the Forest Service Road on your right.
  • Turn right on the Sechelt Gray FSR and follow the ski signs on the trees.
  • Stay on the main road and don't take any branches.
  • You will cross a bridge at about 7 kms and reach the first parking lot at 11 kms.
  • There is an outhouse, map and gate here. In summer you can go 1 km further to the next parking area, but in winter you will need to park here.

The image below is interactive. It is a Google Earth gadget that embeds the image of the trail route that you can zoom in and out of with the zoom bar on the right. You can also use the slider bar to back up through my route. It's pretty cool. You can close the bubble to get it out of your way.

Click on the map below to open a higher resolution pdf.

Map of Bachelor Lake route

  • Follow the road about 1.5 kms if you parked at the lower lot or about half a kilometre if you are at the upper lot.
  • Take the first trail on your right that you come to.
  • Follow this trail along until you come to a trail on your left. The trail that continues is somewhat grown over right now (August 2011), but would take you to Mayne Lake.
  • You will pass a lake on your left which is Tannis Lake. Keep on the trail until you reach the cabin at Bachelor Lake.

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