Halfmoon Bay to Sechelt - Back Roads Route

So here's the deal, to get from Halfmoon Bay to Sechelt you don't actually have to exit out onto the highway at the end of phase one of the Suncoaster Trail. However please understand this is NOT the Suncoaster Trail anymore. Be sure you have a map with you, my instructions and a clear idea of where you are headed and how you are going to get there. Also, you should always carry your cell phone with you in case you get lost. Reception comes and goes along the route from Halfmoon Bay to Sechelt, but is generally good.

Alternate route 1:

  1. Assuming you have been riding or hiking the Suncoaster Trail, when you come out onto the Homesite Creek Forest Service Road turn left and head up the road about 3 kms - approx. 2 kms past the Homesite Caves trail entrance and campsite.
  2. If you watch carefully, you will see a small pull out that would accommodate two or three cars. This is just before the road makes a turn and heads northwest. You should see the head of the trail called Cabin Fever - facing into the bush it will be ahead and slightly right.

Alternate route 2:

  1. Alternatively, when you get to kilometre 33 of the Suncoaster Trail turn left and travel up the trail/old logging road for a kilometre or so til you come to a gravel logging road. This is actually the Homesite Forest Service Road (yep the same road you would've come to with the other route only this is much further along and at the top of the hill).
  2. When you get to this road turn right and follow it along about 3 kilometres until you come to the Cabin Fever trail head as above. This route is a lot more downhill than the previous route so is my preference.

(Note: You will pass a marked trail that heads off to your right after about 1/2 km. This will also take you down to Homesite Forest Service Road, but again you will need to turn left and climb again to the trail head.)

Whichever route you choose, all follow the same directions from this point forward.

  1. Make your way up Cabin Fever which is a beautiful trail with streams and bridges and thick forest. It is quite a climb though and is a challenging ride up with steep bits and switchbacks.
  2. When you reach the top, you will pop out onto a logging road which is a branch of the Halfmoon Bay Carlson Forest Service Road.
  3. Turn right here and follow this road mostly downhill for a couple kilometres until you come to a main junction where you can turn left, right or continue ahead generally in the same direction you've been going.
  4. You want to keep going straight through this junction unless you want to head down to Halfmoon Bay.
  5. If you decide to head to Halfmoon Bay turn right and about three kilometres down you will meet Hwy. 101. Turn right and then take the next left onto Redrooffs Rd. and you will be able to make your way down to the historic Halfmoon Bay General Store and the government wharf just beyond that.

  6. If you want to keep on towards Sechelt, go straight as I noted above and keep following this branch of the Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Rd. for about two kilometres until you come to a the second road that veers off to the right.
  7. Do not go right, but keep left and after about three or four kilometres you will come to a place where the road either goes straight or veers to the right. You want to stay right this time or you will end up down at Carlson Point where there is a log dump which is gated.
  8. Travel another couple of kilometres keeping always to your left and you will see signs for the mine site which also mentions a gate (gate is always open - at least every time I've been there).Head down a fairly steep hill and out to the end of Mason and Heritage roads.
  9. Turn left and follow Heritage Rd. for a short distance til you come to the first road on your right - Crowston Road.
  10. Turn right follow that road up and onto a gravel path (I think it says Reeves Road connector) that will take you along behind Kinnikinnick Park and the Sechelt Golf Course. In total this path is about 1.5 to 2 kilometres long and ends at the power lines.
  11. Turn left up the road to the junction of Reeves and Nickerson. Turn right here and then left to follow the trail down the powerlines til you pop out in Sechelt at the bottom of the hill.
  12. You can follow the road ahead a block or two to Trail Ave. and then go right a couple of blocks to the downtown area.

Sechelt offers many B&B's, hotels, restaurants and shops. This is a great place to spend the night and is about the halfway mark between Earl's Cove and Langdale. Click here for more information about Sechelt and what it has to offer.

Stay tuned for part two from Sechelt to Langdale!

Map of the Suncoaster Trail and Alternate Routes

This map shows an alternate route from McKay Rd. in Pender Harbour to Menacher Rd., Homesite Forest Service Rd. up to Cabin Fever and kilometre 33 to Cabin Fever and from the top of Cabin Fever to Sechelt.

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