Huigis and Duggies Hiking & Biking Route

Huigis (pronounced Huggies) and Duggies are sick downhill trails for mountain bikers. Huigis is suitable for hiking, but it is quite a climb. About a third of the way up is a fantastic viewpoint overlooking Porpoise Bay, Sechelt and beyond to Vancouver Island. Distance to the top is about 1.6 km (1 mile) and gains approx. 213 metres (700 ft.).

Duggies is a completely different kettle of fish! Considered a triple black diamond, it is steep and covers approx. the same elevation as Huigis, but in about a quarter of the distance. I hiked it (actually crawled some of it :-), but only because I wanted to GPS it. I will never hike it again and never in a million years would I ride it. It is scary, but real downhillers seem to love it. However, I would imagine injuries are common so take extreme care!

Huigis & Duggies trails

The following Google Earth map shows Huigis, Duggies, Fern Gully and also Jekyl & Hyde.
The following directions are for hikers as bikers will not be able to ride up the trail.

  1. Access to the trail is from Sechelt toward Porpoise Bay Provincial park via Sechelt Inlet Rd.
  2. Just past the signs for the park you will see the entrance road. Straight across the road from the entrance is a pullout big enough for 3 or 4 cars. Park here.
  3. The entrance is to the right if you are parked parallel to Sechelt Inlet Rd. and is very hard to see and the last time I was there (April 23rd, 2011) there was a small tree down over the head of the trail. If you look carefully though you will see it.
  4. The trail starts off very steep right up into the trees, but levels out under the powerline.
  5. Follow the trail for about 1/3 of a kilometre until you come to a place where you can look out over Porpoise Bay, Sechelt and out to Vancouver Island.
  6. Keep heading up the trail and if you see trails off to the right or left you can explore them if you wish as they will take you back to the main trail eventually.
  7. The trail off to the left is called Fern Gully and closer to the top of the trail you will see one and then another trail off to the right. The first is the newest addition and goes up to the logging road. It's a nice, flowy downhill. The second one has been there a while longer, has several technical features, and connects back onto Huigis near the top.
  8. When you get to the top you will come out onto the Sechelt Crucil forest service road.
  9. If you want to check out the entrance to Duggies turn right and go a hundred feet or so till you see some ribbons on the left marking the entrance to Duggies. You'll see that the trail heads straight up from the road. It is an extremely difficult climb and I don't recommend it.
  10. Head back down Huigis and check out Fern Gully if you didn't on the way up.When you get closer to the bottom you'll see a trail that goes off to the left. It is steep with lots of curves that the mountain bikers have banked nicely. This trail will take you back out the Sechelt Inlet Rd.
  11. Turn right and go back to your car.

If you are planning on riding the trail, most bikers have someone shuttle them up or they ride their bikes up the forest service road via Dusty Rd. past the Sechelt Landfill. There is a logging road that goes off to the right before you get to the entrance to Duggies (not the one closest to the entrance - that one dead ends a short way up. You want the one just before that one). Follow this road up and take the first left up another branch of the logging road. It is quite a steep climb and at the top you will come to a trail entrance to the left. There is also a trail that cuts in on the right and that will take you up to the rock face.

Please be aware that Duggies is extreme downhill and should only be attempted if you are an expert rider and even then I can't stress enough how dangerous it is.

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View from the Huigi trail viewpoint.

View looking over Sechelt and Porpoise Bay from the lookout on Huigi