Hwy 102 to Sprockids Hiking & Biking Route

Hwy 102 is a great and popular trail between Roberts Creek and Sprockids Bike Park. Very often the route people take, generally by bike, is to park at the bottom of the Forest Service road and then ride the 6.5 km up the road to Hwy 102, along 102 to Sprockids and through the bike park out to the highway and back on the road to the bottom of the Forest Service road.

My route was done while hiking and with my dogs so I wanted to keep it all off the road. Therefore I did a loop including the Red trail.

The Hwy. 102 trail alone is approximately 2 kms long.

  1. If you want to do the route from Roberts Creek to Sprockids and back, then drive to the Sechelt-Roberts Forest Service Rd. 7575 Branch 03 (aka B & K Logging road).
  2. Drive 4.3 km to a road that heads off on your right. This is the Sechelt-Roberts Forest Service Rd. 7575 Branch 02 (not 03). There are also a couple of logs along the side of the road one with red paint on the end and the other with a yellow and black hazard sign on it.
  3. Turn right on this road and follow it 2.2 km to the trail head for Hwy 102. You may have to travel about a .1 km past the trail head to find a good place to park. I parked right at the end of the good part of the road before it becomes very rough and narrower.
  4. You will notice some signs on the right. One is pretty much unreadable, but one says West Ridge Trail and the other says Forestry Access Rd 03.

West Ridge trail sign and forest road sign

At this point, it is up to you to decide which way you want to do this bike/hike. If you are hiking you might wish to do the route I mentioned above. If you are riding and you want to stay off the paved roads, then I would suggest riding the trail back and forth. However, if you are a skilled rider you could take the route that I did as a hiker.

Hwy 102 to Sprockids route map

  1. I decided to do this as a loop so I headed straight up the road (not the one to West Ridge Trail) to the Red trail.
  2. Travel up the road approximately 1.5 km. You will cross a couple of small streams and pass a trail on your right after about .5 km. This trail is an alternate route that would connect you to Hwy 102, but is very steep and is rated Most Difficult.
  3. Carry on past this trail and cross several more streams - some with little bridges and some without - til you come to a trail head with a large metal wheel base and orange ribbon hanging on a tree branch.
  4. Turn right onto this trail (can't go left) and follow the orange ribbons and red markers on the trees.
  5. The Red trail is quite steep and I lost count of all of the wooden technical features. There are ramps, and logs, and jumps all the way along. Some of them are outrageous! If you are a very experienced and skilled rider you could have a lot of fun on this trail. Someone has been very busy building all of these features.

  6. The trail is about a 20 minute hike and joins Hwy 102. At the end of the trail where it comes out onto 102, if you look at the signage you'll see that the Red trail also has the name Tramway. (I believe there used to be an old tram that ran up the hill here.)
  7. When you join 102, if you go left you will cross Chaster Creek and come to the main junction at the Sprockids Bike Park.
  8. If you are going through the park enter straight ahead and follow the white trail markers out of the park.
  9. If you want to loop back to the beginning, then go right when you come to the end of the Red trail and follow the Hwy 102 North signs. The trail is well marked with blue trail markers, white arrows and yellow ribbons.
  10. If you follow the markers you will pop back out to the logging road just below where you parked your car.
  11. Turn right up the road and follow it til you get to your vehicle(about .1 km).

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