Ruby Klein Traverse - Suncoaster Trail

The Ruby Klein traverse is actually just a piece of the Klein Lake section of the Suncoaster Trail. Other than the piece that runs from Middlepoint Rd. to the logging roads at Homesite, this is my favourite. The view from the top is most definitely my favourite view of any along the Suncoaster Trail.

Ruby Lake from the viewpoint

If you travel straight to Klein Lake and back, it will probably take you about 1.5 to 2 hours to hike and 1 to 1.5 hours to ride. There are some quite steep sections which are impossible for me to ride up so I just push my bike up those hills - and down some.

If you choose, you can pop into the Iris Griffiths Interpretive Centre along the way. They have their own network of short trails and some interesting displays and information about the local flora and fauna. It is most definitely worth a visit.

Other detours along the way could be the Ruby Lake Restaurant where they serve up some delicious northern Italian meals. Or if you are feeling a little hot and sticky you could take a dip in Ruby Lake at Dan Bosch Park. There is a trail that exits off to Ruby Lake Restaurant and a gravel road will take you down to the lake. Keep your eyes open for these exits from the main trail.

Best access is from Sakinaw Lake Road.

  1. Follow Hwy. 101 northwest past Madeira Park and Garden Bay Rd. towards Ruby Lake.
  2. Just before the Iris Griffiths Interpretive Centre you will see Sakinaw Lake Rd. on your left. Turn left here and park somewhere near the highway.
  3. Walk back up to the highway and cross going left a very short distance til you see a rough trail that cuts down across the ditch and back up an embankment. You will cut into the Suncoaster Trail here.

Ruby Lake Klein Lake Traerse map

  1. Turn left onto the Suncoaster Trail and follow it along the powerlines. You will go down a hill and come to a Suncoaster Trail sign post.
  2. At this point, you can go left into the Interpretive Centre, or right will keep you on the trail to Klein Lake.
  3. Keep following the trail. You will pass an exit down to the restaurant and then will come to another sign post. This is at the junction where you could go left down Dan Bosch Park.
  4. Go right to stay on the trail to Klein Lake and climb to the viewpoint.
  5. This is a great place to take photos and someone built a bench made from a snowboard.
  6. Back on the trail and follow it along to another large map of the trail which is at another junction. Turn left to keep on route.
  7. This will take you down to Klein Lake and you can follow the trail as far as you wish around the lake and on to the section that goes out to Egmont Rd. if you have time.
  8. My Ruby Klein Traverse route stops just before the camping sites on this side of the lake. I didn't make it longer as the next 3 kms just follows the road around the lake and past all of the campsites and is not my favourite.

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