Sprockids White Trail Hiking & Biking Route

This trail route is a great one to take particularly if you are unfamiliar with the Sprockids Mountain Bike Park. It allows you to orient yourself a bit and you'll pass the trail heads to Lunge, Langdale Falls, Pressure Drop, Wildman, Hwy. 102, Sidewinder, Ridge, the new Fuzzy Hugs trail and more.

  1. If you are driving, pass the stop sign at the top of Stewart Rd. and the Bypass to Langdale Ferry.
  2. You'll see the yellow gate on your left which is usually closed. Turn to the right and park.
  3. Go right towards the powerline and just before the Private Property sign you'll see the entrance trail to Sprockids Park.
  4. Now simply follow the yellow and white markers (and for part of the way you will also see blue and orange markers). As long as you see white markers you're on the right track. This will take you, more or less, around the perimeter of the park.
  5. Just a note: After you pass the Hwy. 102 intersection, you'll see that the White trail also has signs saying Sidewinder. Don't let that confuse you. You are on the trail called Sidewinder, but as long as you also see white markers you are going in the right direction.

  6. If you want to cut down through the skills area of the park instead of going out the same way you came in (which is what will happen if you just follow the white markers), then turn right when you see the sign for Technical Ecstasy and keep going down.
  7. You'll pass a large kiosk with a map of the trails in the park. Keep going down and you'll soon see the skills area where you can exit and follow the access road back down to your vehicle.

The image below is actually interactive. It is a Google Earth gadget that embeds the image of the trail route that you can zoom in and out of with the zoom bar on the right. You can also use the slider bar to back up through my route. It's pretty cool. You can close the bubble to get it out of your way.

The white trail indicates the route I've documented. The blue trails are some (only some) of the other trails in the park and include Lunge, Torrent, Ridge and Technical Ecstasy. The lime green trail is the newest addition to Sprockids - Fuzzy Hugs - built April 2011 by the Capilano University Mountain Bike students.

Sprockids White trail map

Same map as above, but viewed in Mapsource. In this case the White trail route is shown in green:-)

If I were riding this route instead of hiking it, I would rather do it in the reverse direction i.e. West to East instead. The climb is generally gentler this direction as you are getting to the same elevation, but over a longer distance. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the climb, but once you get up there you can enjoy the trip down.

Signpost at Hwy 102 and White trail

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