Trailfest Wagonroad Route

For some reason, I can't help thinking about Cowboys and Wagon Trains when I think of Trailfest Wagonroad. I think maybe this used to be some kind of wagon trail in the past, but I'm guessing here.

I made a circular route out of Trailfest Wagonroad by combining it with Upper and Lower Tube and some of the logging roads in the area. I don't know about you, but I like doing a loop rather than going back and forth on the same route.

This is a really nice route with lots of variety of trails with some logging road, rolling trail, downhill and of course, some uphill climbs (can't seem to avoid those).

Great place to bring your dogs on a hot summer day cause there is lots of cover from the sun and water to cool off in.

View from one section of Trailfest Wagonroad.

Here are the directions to get here:

  1. If you are coming from Gibsons, follow Hwy. 101 approx. 10 km to Roberts Creek Forest Service Rd. (aka B & K Logging Road) (500 m before Cliff Gilker Park).
  2. Coming from Sechelt travel southeast on Hwy. 101 to just past the Sunshine Coast Golf Course and Cliff Gilker Park.
  3. Turn right (or left from Sechelt) on the forest service road and travel about 2.4 km up, past the powerlines to the Roberts Flume Forest Service Road
  4. Turn left and travel approx. 2.2 km keeping right (don't go left on Br. 04 of the Roberts Flume Road) to where the road forks for the second time - RF Br. 06. I parked my car here. This way you will start your hike/ride with uphill and end with uphill so you won't be doing it all at once.

The Trailfest Wagonroad route is marked in yellow on the map. If you check out the trails and logging roads in the map you can see there are ways to lengthen or shorten the route if you wish.

Trailfest Wagonroad Route

  1. Head up Br. 06 til you get to a trailhead on the left - about a kilometre. This is the start of Trailfest Wagonroad.
  2. Follow this trail along, crossing another logging road spur and back into the bush for a couple of kilometres.

    Mostly this trail rolls along and there isn't too much climbing. Although rated More Difficult (Intermediate), it really is a pretty easy ride and a lovely hike with lots of shade and several bridges over creeks and streams.

  3. After a couple of kilometres you will see a trail that cuts off on the left. If I remember right it is signed Upper Tube. If you're on your bike particularly you will probably like this trail. Nice downhill with banked curves.
  4. Stick to the left on the way down and you will come out onto the main Roberts Flume Forest Service Road again (watch for vehicle here).

    At this point you could head back to your car by following the road left for about 1.5 kilometres.

  5. However if you want to make this more of an adventure (again probably more so if you are on your bike), continue across the road and back onto the Lower Tube trail.
  6. Lower Tube is considerably longer than Upper Tube, but is rated Easy (Beginner), but still a nice downhill ride (or hike).
  7. At the end you will pop out onto Grauman Rd. and turn left to the end of the road and on your left you'll see some cement barricades.
  8. Cross to the other side of these and follow the trail around and across the creek. Someone has rebuilt the bridge here, but it is just a flattened log with a railing and metal mesh.
  9. Now you are following Br. 04 of the Roberts Flume Forest Service Road.
  10. Stay on this road til you get to the main Roberts Flume road and then turn left up to your car (about 1 km up from here).
In total this route is probably about 8 or 9 kilometres.

Trailfest sign

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