Woodpecker Hiking & Biking Route

Woodpecker sign

Located in Halfmoon Bay, Woodpecker is a moderate ride - so very doable if you aren't the most experienced or talented rider like me. I like trying to ride it without putting my foot down. These days I'm lucky if I don't have to push the bike at times :-) Most people will ride this in about an hour.

This trail is a great hike as well and will likely take about 1 1/2 hours at a moderate pace.

The image below is actually interactive. It is a Google Earth gadget that embeds the image of the trail route that you can zoom in and out of with the zoom bar on the right. You can also use the slider bar to back up through my route. It's pretty cool. Oh, you can close the bubble to get it out of your way.

If the map doesn't load and it asks you to reload the page, hold down the Ctrl + the F5 key. This will reload the page and then the map should show up.

Woodpecker route map.

This is the same route (in yellow) shown using Mapsource.

This route starts at School Daze, beside Halfmoon Bay Elementary School.

  1. Turn left on Redrooffs Road from Hwy. 101, approximately 10 minutes driving northwest of Sechelt.
  2. Drive along Redrooffs Road until you reach Southwood (3rd road on your right, about 3 kms).
  3. Turn right on Southwood.
  4. Turn left on the first road on your left which is Westwood.At the end of Westwood go straight ahead into the park via the gravel access road and park along the road or in the lot.
  5. The trail enters straight ahead from where you entered into the gravel road and runs alongside the school field.

Intersection at Datsun Alley and Pick It Up

  1. Follow along School Daze, down onto Squiggly, out onto Rollercoaster and turn left.
  2. Travel over the bridge by the pond and then keep left up to Datsun Alley and turn left again.
  3. Stay on this trail for about a kilometre. You will pass Pick It Up and Pterodactyl on the left.
  4. The first trail you come to on the right is Woodpecker. Turn right. You will go up a rocky hill first, over a rooty area, then down more rock, more roots, down another rocky hill and across a bridge. Along the way you will pass the entrance to Norm.
  5. After the bridge you will go up a little hill and come to a T intersection. Right is the Fork Off trail. You go left to stay on this trail til the next T intersection at Gord's Grunt.
  6. Turn left and take the first left onto Datsun Alley again.
  7. Follow Datsun Alley all the way back, past the entrance to Woodpecker and backtrack the way you came.

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