Suncoaster Trail - Sakinaw Lake Section

The second section of the Suncoaster Trail is 10 km long and starts at Sakinaw Lake and goes to the Kleindale or Madeira Park area. The terrain is moderate with some short steep sections and several kilometres must be travelled along the Highway (unless you follow my alternate route).

This section brings you out to McKay Rd. and the highway at the Pender Harbour Secondary School/Aquatic Centre and recommends taking the highway to Menacher Rd. and back onto the trail. However, check out my AC Canyon trail route as it will give you off road trail directions (assuming you are coming from Earl's Cove end of the coast they will need to be reversed - just turn them around) to Menacher Rd. When you get to Menacher turn left and then keep following the trail down coast.

Click on the map below to download a pdf version.

Suncoaster Trail - Sakinaw Lake Section

This next map shows the bigger picture and what the alternate route looks like in relation to where the Suncoaster Trail comes out at Hallowell Forest Service Road and also McKay Rd. and then the Madeira Park piece that starts at Menacher Rd. - basically the pink part (see AC Canyon for proper directions).

Note: This map also shows part of the alternate route from Homesite Forest Service Road to Sechelt.

Alternate Suncoaster Trail routes

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